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by Internet Marketing on October 20, 2012

An innovative new concept in whole-person wellness, Nephesh houses a wide range of holistic services under one roof. Committed to long-term physical and mental well-being, Nephesh achieves its mission by guiding its clients toward a systematic collaboration between body and soul.

It is with the individual soul in mind that Nephesh endeavors toward complete, long-term personal wellness. Housing a wide range of holistic services under one roof, Nephesh’s singular mission is to assist clients in rediscovering the harmony innate to personal well-being. Guiding body and mind to collaborate for combined mental and physical health, Nephesh’s services – encompass body and soul.

Dr. Kit Langstroth D.C. has been a practicing Chiropractor for 25 years and started the Nephesh concept with his wife Audrey in 2008. It has since transformed into 2 separate departments that currently work together for the health and well being of each patient and client.

Nephesh Chiropractic Now offers chiropractic, myofascial massage therapy, functional nutrition and blood work evaluation, Oxygen and Brain Based Therapy, therapeutic exercises and whole body vibration.

Nephesh Pilates and Rehab | Audrey Langstroth is Body Arts and Science certified and runs the pilates department. Nephesh Pilates has 6 instructors and offers one-on-one sessions to include fitness and injury rehabilitation for both acute and chronic pain management and recovery. Nephesh Pilates also offers group apparatus classes and the focus is on developing individualized plans to meet each clients goals.

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